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Xativa-La encina

Valencia, September 2023. The new 51.5 kilometer route, operational since September 9 and with an investment of 505 million euros, will reduce travel time between Valencia and Alicante by half an hour.

The new section, which is part of the Mediterranean Corridor project, is added to the route between La Alcudia de Crespins-Mogente. With this last section put into service, all Conventional Line traffic is diverted while the works to adapt to the international width of the double track platform that traditionally connected Xativa and Nudo de la Encina are carried out. According to demand estimates, it is estimated that on the Valencia-Alicante route, which already benefits more than one million people, the number of travelers will multiply by three.
The project is part of a link objective between the High Speed ​​Line (LAV) Madrid – Valencia (L40, in service since December 2010) and the Albacete – Alicante LAV (L42, put into service in June 2013) to the height of La Encina, so that this connection can end up giving continuity to the Mediterranean corridor. For the same purpose, the Valencia – Castellón (January 2018) and Antequera – Granada (June 2019) sections are already in service.
TEKIA in a joint venture with Inserail and Airtren are in charge of supervising the projects and works of the facilities of the Nudo Encina-Xativa-Valencia section. The supervised installations refer to both conventional and High Speed ​​railways and include: interlockings, train protection systems, Centralized Traffic Control, auxiliary detection systems, power supply system, fixed telecommunications, mobile telecommunications, protection and security facilities and conditions.
TEKIA, backed by the experience obtained in various metropolitan railway references, conventional and high-speed lines, projects engineering solutions in a wide range of railway activities such as complex ventilation projects, Civil Protection installations, Self-protection Plans, Operation Manuals , payment systems, ... on open lines, tunnels, stations and railway networks, both in design and in construction management or operation.

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