Tunnel safety

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TEKIA and Road tunnel safety

Tunnel safety is one of TEKIA’s core activities since the company was founded in 1998. We developed the first operating manuals in line with the Spanish regulations, and have worked since then in over 600 tunnels in Spain and other countries (Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ireland, Norway, Algeria, Egypt, etc.).

TEKIA’s multidisciplinary team of experts is made up of engineers who specialize in the use and upkeep of tunnel safety equipment (evacuation, power, lighting, ventilation, fire protection, access control, surveillance, communications, etc.) and are vastly experienced in all the stages involved in tunnel engineering: planning, design, building, commissioning and operation.

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The road tunnel safety project

Helping determine public tunnel safety policies, including the necessary regulations.

Risk assesment and safety reports.

Designing facility projects and adapting tunnels to current regulations.

Facility project design, tunnel adaptation to current regulations.

Sizing, operational design and commissioning of tunnel ventilation systems (algorithms, aerodynamic testing, hot gas testing).
Auditing existing systems.


Consulting and technical assistance to perform tasks related to inspection Entity of Bizkaia Road Tunnels, OITB (España)
Risk assessment using the MARTE methodology, developed by the Ministry of Public Works, prior to the start-up of operations in degraded mode in the tunnels of the Bogotá-Buenaventura road (Colombia)
Supervision of the construction project and drafting of the Operation Manual for the Erjos tunnel (5.2 km) in Tenerife (Spain)
Redacción del proyecto técnico para la renovación del sistema de control de tipo propietario por un nuevo sistema abierto en los centros de control de túneles del Cabildo de Gran Canaria
Safety project and incident management tool for the 61 tunnels of Durango-Mazatlán Highway (Mexico)
proyecto de instalaciones del Túnel Los Roquillos, Isla del Hierro, utilizando metodología BIM (España)
Redacción del manual de explotación, formación del personal de operación y dirección de la operación en la entrada en servicio del túnel de Plaza de Les Glòries (Barcelona, España)
Technical assistance and operation management in Gambetta tunnel (Peru)
Emergency Response Plan and traffic and incident management tools. M-30 Madrid Ring-Road (Spain)
Safety Officer since 2007 in more than 300 tunnels of spainsh highways and roads networks. (Spain)