Tunnel safety

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TEKIA and Road tunnel safety

Tunnel safety is one of TEKIA’s core activities since the company was founded in 1998. We developed the first operating manuals in line with the Spanish regulations, and have worked since then in over 600 tunnels in Spain and other countries (Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ireland, Norway, Algeria, Egypt, etc.).

TEKIA’s multidisciplinary team of experts is made up of engineers who specialize in the use and upkeep of tunnel safety equipment (evacuation, power, lighting, ventilation, fire protection, access control, surveillance, communications, etc.) and are vastly experienced in all the stages involved in tunnel engineering: planning, design, building, commissioning and operation.

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The road tunnel safety project

Helping determine public tunnel safety policies, including the necessary regulations.

Risk assesment and safety reports.

Designing facility projects and adapting tunnels to current regulations.

Facility project design, tunnel adaptation to current regulations.

Sizing, operational design and commissioning of tunnel ventilation systems (algorithms, aerodynamic testing, hot gas testing).
Auditing existing systems.


Technical Assistance for the control and surveillance of the works and improvement of the Safety Facilities as a result of the Electrification of the Ronda-Algeciras line. (Spain)
Technical Assistance to the works of railway security and telecommunications installations for access to the new terminal at Barcelona airport. Barcelona Commuter Network.
Framework Agreement for Technical Assistance service for quality, quantitative, geometric and safety management control during the execution of level crossing protection works
Supervision of the drafting of the Construction Project and the implementation of energy supply, fixed telecommunications, protection and security facilities and conditions of the Nudo de la Encina-Xàtiva-Valencia section of the Mediterranean AVE Corridor
Drafting of the security installation project for the Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastián High Speed ​​Lines (AVE), (Mondragón-Eibar-Bergara junction) and Madrid-Galicia (Pedralba-Vilariño and Vilariño-Taboadela sections)
Ventilation tests in the AVE tunnels with mechanical ventilation of the Pajares Bypass.