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túneles de la AP-66

Asturias, August 2023. MITMA, through the Asturias Highway Demarcation, has entrusted the UTE WSP-TEKIA with the control service of the adaptation works of the tunnels located on the AP-66 Highway. The 7 tunnels located along the highway, and whose lengths range between 220 and 1600 meters, have been receiving the security manager service provided by TEKIA to Aucalsa since 2007.

For this contract, awarded for an amount of 1,926,452.06 euros and with an expected duration of 41 months, the correct execution of the works, the technical interpretation of the project, the drafting of modified projects and the study of alternative solutions. Support services will also be provided on issues related to expropriations, archaeology, environment, blasting, quality control, geology, geotechnics, pavements and drainage, structures, health and safety, road safety and other matters where required. In addition to the previous tasks, the UTE will provide technical office support and material means to prepare studies, reports and technical notes that are considered necessary, including the drafting of the measurement and final certification of the works contract, and the final work document. , all of them supervised by the Contract Delegate. In case of need for emergency work, a study report and assessment of the solutions to be adopted will be written. The work also includes the management of contrast tests and the preparation of specific technical reports, among others.
With a history of 25 years, TEKIA is an expert in tunnel safety with the execution of various projects in nearly 1,000 national and international tunnels, which makes it a company with extensive knowledge for the control and surveillance of tunnel adaptation works. tunnel equipment. Since 2007, TEKIA has been providing Security Manager services in more than 350 tunnels, including those on the AP-66 Toll Highway, which guarantees prior knowledge of the tunnels that are the subject of current regulatory compliance work.

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