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Today’s emerging mobility is, to a large extent, electric, shared, connected, multimodal, autonomous, and more and more based on the services required by citizens. These services are initially put to the test in urban areas, characterized by huge demand and scarce supply. This is what we call Smart Mobility.

Back in 1998, we already described ourselves as an engineering and consulting company specializing in sustainable transport applying new technology and organizational and financial procedures known as ITS. TEKIA pioneered ITS solutions over 20 years ago and is still leading the way today.

ITS and Smart Mobility

Today, the vast offer built with huge effort and efficient ITS management in many cities has to meet mobility demands that answer to new rules, sometimes contradictory—we want, for example, very individual but at the same time socially and environmentally sustainable mobility. This Smart Mobility appears to be exclusive of very developed cities, but the truth is that it coexists with infrastructure development projects in cities in developing countries.

TEKIA’s ITS consulting offer led the way first in Spain, then in Latin America and finally across the world. We are meeting the global demand for ITS equipment in new and existing transport
processes and infrastructures (highways, road networks, tunnels, rail networks, multimodal public transport systems, parking lots and transit hubs, etc.).

TEKIA sees Smart Mobility as a way to add value by creating a scenario that is very different from today’s: much more service-oriented, data-based, and reliant on real-time information, high-resolution 3D mapping, complex AI processes and Big Data. We want to break ground again, this time in the use of new technology for emerging solutions (MaaS platforms, connected and autonomous vehicle traffic, etc.).

Climate change

Transforming transport services for lower social and environmental costs, resource preservation and clean and fair processes to protect future generations and our planet.