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Autobús eléctrico IA

April 2024. Within the framework of collaboration with Alsa, TEKIA has completed the drafting of the technical study of the electric charging design of the base in Vilecha (León) which will serve as a reference for subsequent specifications and acquisitions of these systems in other bases. 

With the experiences acquired in the electrification of its bases in Bilbao and Oviedo, Alsa has verified that the impact of the solutions makes it necessary not only to analyze the vehicles themselves but also other specific factors in each base such as the charging solution, the impact on operations or security. The study requested by Alsa from TEKIA aims to transversally analyze all those factors that must be taken into account for the electrification of the base and to serve as a reference for the specification and acquisition of these solutions in other garages.
The study written by TEKIA, where it contributes its experience in the consulting area to create an essential and personalized guide for the successful electrification of the bus fleet, includes keys to take into account for the acquisition of the fleet of electric vehicles, for the solution for the electricity supply, and the charging infrastructure, as well as aspects related to the security and economic valuation of these solutions.

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