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Madrid Mobility 360

Madrid, july 2023. The Madrid Municipal Transport Company (EMT) recently awarded TEKIA the Technical Office for the evolution of the Madrid Mobility 360 Platform, towards a global solution, responding to a multi-city and multi-operator mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) environment.

With this contract, TEKIA is committed to dialogue and transversal management with all participants in the project, that is, the current winner of the initial development, the winners of the different lots of the evolution of the platform and those responsible for the different areas. interested in EMT. In this way, TEKIA will participate in the execution of all areas of the project, monitoring and controlling all new developments, as well as the implementation of solutions, reporting at all times to EMT of possible deviations and risks that may arise. proposing improvement actions in these cases.

In addition to the Technical Office, TEKIA will carry out consultancies on demand throughout the contract, the first of which is aimed at analyzing the situation and determining the conditions and rules of the current MaaS ecosystem.

Madrid Mobility 360 is a mobile application available on both iOS and Android, which has an enormous layer of information that is generated in real time from the use that all users make of the transport network of the city of Madrid. In this way, it is possible to know how full the buses are or if punctuality is maintained on the different lines that we usually take daily, to better plan each route. It allows us to calculate the best route to get around Madrid, taking into account the state of traffic and the bus network itself to know where each one should take and where to get off until we reach the destination point marked on the route, also allowing management. payment through the platform with QR codes that will allow access without the need to validate at ticket offices or through the driver, saving time. Also with QR codes, Madrid Mobility 360 allows you to rent bicycles from both BiciMAD and BiciMAD go.

TEKIA has a solid 25 years of experience working in the public transport sector, since its foundation, learning from the best global experiences and identifying the technological, organizational and financial innovations key to the success of those experiences, ultimately contributing to the sustainability of transport. at a global level.

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