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Fuente: CRTM. Centro de Innovación Tecnológica.

JUne 2023. The Madrid Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM) has awarded TEKIA specialized technical advice until 2025 for international projects and in general for those of the Innovation Center, both those that are in progress and those that are contracted during the term of the contract .

Through this contract, TEKIA must provide the specialized technical support service to the CRTM for planning, carrying out studies, supervision, coordination, technical and functional advice, and quality control of international projects and those that are developed by the CRTM in the field of the Innovation Center, both those that are in progress at the beginning of this contract and other new ones in which the CRTM participates during the life of the contract. 
To carry out these functions in the aforementioned projects, extensive knowledge, extensive experience and high technical qualification are required, which means specialization in mobility planning, project management, high knowledge of information technologies applied to transport systems, which the CRTM has concluded that TEKIA complies satisfactorily.
TEKIA has a solid experience of 25 years working in the public transport sector, since its foundation, learning from the best world experiences and identifying the key technological, organizational and financial innovations for the success of these experiences, finally contributing to the sustainability of transport. globally.
TEKIA has been following a sustainability strategy for years (environmental, social and governance: ESG criteria), backed by certifications in quality, occupational risk prevention, environment, road safety and R+D+i, also certified by the Ministry of Science and Innovation with the "Innovative SME" seal. Since 2020 the company is carbon neutral, calculating and offsetting its annual emissions. Recently, since April 20, 2023, TEKIA has adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, through which the 2030 Agenda is pursued.

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