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Túnel de la Avanzada en Leoia

Leoia, June 2023. The project, awarded to the joint venture TEKIA-FULCRUM for an approximate value of 2 million euros, consists of technical assistance to the Construction Management and Health and Safety Coordination of the Tunnel Adaptation Construction Project de la Avanzada on the BI-637.

INTERBIAK has entrusted this technical assistance to the UTE TEKIA-FULCRUM by which they undertake to ensure technical and economic control as well as strict compliance with deadlines during the course of the works to adapt to current tunnel safety regulations up to the initial opening of the tunnel to traffic.
The BI-637 supports very significant levels of traffic, especially in the section between the Kukularra knot and the Artaza roundabout, with average daily intensities (IMD) close to 100,000 vehicles, with the percentage of heavy vehicles not being very high, since it is located around 3%. The open-air passage of the BI-637 through the urban area of ​​Leioa generates significant inconveniences, due to its barrier effect affecting permeability (vehicle and pedestrian traffic) and the inconvenience generated by traffic noise to the residents of the Municipality.
Added to this, the La Avanzada Tunnel is an infrastructure that dates from the 80s, and despite the fact that it has undergone various modernization actions in recent years, neither its infrastructure nor its facilities are adequate to the safety requirements. established by the regulations in force at the present time, which translates into a risk situation for people, for the environment and for the infrastructure itself.

TEKIA INGENIEROS has a long tradition of service to the Basque road administrations both from the group's parent company and from IPAR TEKIA INGENIARITZA, registered in Bilbao.

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