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Oficina de TEKIA en Madrid

Madrid, December 2022. TEKIA announces the appointment of Cesar García Puente as Chief Executive Officer.

César García Puente has been appointed as chief executive officer at TEKIA Ingenieros, replacing the founder and majority shareholder of the company, Francisco Palazón, who becomes President and still Administrator of the Group. César is an ICAI engineer and MBA, he has worked at TEKIA for 23 years and had been holding the position of Project Director.

TEKIA is a medium-sized engineering company with headquarters in Madrid and offices in many Spanish markets and companies in Mexico, Peru and Chile, with projects on four continents. The company has been working since its creation 24 years ago on intelligent transport systems (ITS), applying technology to transport processes and infrastructures, in what we can now call Smart Mobility.

The intense innovative activity that the recovery funds are beginning to generate is launching TEKIA's business, a moment that has been judged by the Board of Directors as the best time to make this change and lead the path of growth undertaken with a new direction.

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