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reducción del límite de velocidad en ciudades

Madrid, april 2021. The new speed limits in urban roads and intersections will start on 11 may.

The DGT has promoted this initiative to reduce road accidents in urban environments and transform cities into safer and more sustainable places. Approved last November by the Council of Ministers, it has also been recognized by the General Directorate for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission. Among other reasons, the measures implemented respond to the demand of the municipal authorities to have specific regulations on which to rely to modify speed limits in urban environments as well as the 6% increase in deaths due to being run over in 2019. But these are not the only reasons since, for example, the risk of death of pedestrians by being run over is reduced by 80% driving at 30km/h, as well as the substantial improvement in road safety in urban areas that driving at This speed, which, according to existing experiences in cities with zones of 30, has led to a reduction in accidents of more than 40%.

Since its approval by the Council of Ministers, a period of 6 months was given for the change to be known by the citizens and for the administrations to have enough time to adapt the signaling and infrastructure. As of March 11, therefore, the speed limit on urban roads will be 20 km/h on roads that have a single roadway and sidewalk platform; 30 km/h on roads with a single lane per direction of travel and 50 km/h on roads with two or more lanes per direction of travel.

TEKIA, as an expert in urban traffic and traffic management, has collaborated closely with the Directorate General of Traffic for the publication of the informative manual that will be disseminated to all Spanish town halls and will soon be available for download on the DGT website and from FEMP.

In addition to this manual, which, through real examples, is intended to help municipal authorities efficiently apply these measures aimed at improving road safety, the DGT has published an informative video explaining possible urban transformations with the implementation of these measures:

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