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reducción del límite de velocidad en ciudades

Madrid, april 2021. This handbook, thru real examples, aims to be a support for the municipality authorities to implement this recommendations to improve urban road safety.

The DGT has prepared and published the Safe and Sustainable Urban Mobility Recommendations manual based on the objective of the Safe System, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by infrastructure and technology to reduce accidents on urban roads, paying special attention to vulnerable users and improving modal coexistence through a more equitable distribution of the urban fabric and its adaptation to the design of the infrastructure to guarantee safe, intuitive and self-explanatory journeys”.

The road hierarchy is the starting point to give meaning to the strategies of mobility management, ordering and regulation of traffic. The DGT has promoted this initiative along with others such as the application of new speed limits in urban environments (link to that news item), to reduce road accidents in cities and transform them into safer and more sustainable places.

TEKIA, as an expert company in road safety and urban sustainability and traffic management, has worked at the forefront with the General Directorate of Traffic for the edition of this manual that will be disseminated to all Spanish town halls and is now available for download at the DGT website

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