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Mexico, march 2021. Following the proposals included in the safety audit report carried out by TEKIA, the concession company has scheduled some improvements in its tunnels. In a first stage, they will be related to lightning, signailng of evacuation routes and reinforcement of the provision of fire extinguishers.

TEKIA is currently developing the safety opinion project, risk analysis, preparation of the Operation Manual, Training and Simulation of the tunnels of the Supervía Poniente highway. During the risk analysis stage, a series of measures were registered to increase safety in the longest tunnels on the motorway that the Concessionaire has begun to execute progressively.

In a first stage, these measures are related to the improvement in evacuation lighting and signaling for emergency routes, as well as the reinforcement of the provision of fire extinguishers on the tunnel wall. In later phases, the concessionaire plans to address the rest of the recommended measures to increase safety in its tunnels.

TEKIA is an expert in tunnel safety and since it was founded 23 years ago, it has worked on more than 600 interurban, urban, underwater, multimodal road tunnels, … with a team of expert engineers in safety, operation, energy, lighting, ventilation, protection against fires, signalling, communications and other disciplines related to tunnel safety.

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