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Madrid, march 2021. The objective of this seal of the Ministry of Economy is to value innovative SMEs, identify them and help implement specific policies for these companies. It is a public recognition of the company's efforts to stay at the forefront of innovation.

TEKIA Ingenieros, S.A. has just obtained the ‘Innovative SME’ seal, a distinctive that the General Secretariat for Science and Innovation grants to small and medium-sized companies in recognition of the value of their ability to make Research and Development of new innovative solutions and services.

Obtaining the “Innovative SME” seal allows TEKIA, during its five years of validity, to access the three economic benefits granted by the certification: reconcile the tax deduction obtained for working in R & D + i with that relating to the number of people dedicated to it, participate in the Innovative public tenders and access to ICO’s “Innovation Fund Technology” line of financing.

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