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Barcelona, november 2020. Technical assistance in the execution of the contracts of maintenance and operation of the road information center of Catalonia (CIVICAT, Servei Catalá de Tránsit) and maintenance and repair of the facilities in the road network.

TEKIA has recently signed the Technical Assistance services contract for the execution of maintenance and operation contracts of the Road Information Center of Catalonia (CIVICAT) for the Servei Catalá de Tránsit.

With this contract, TEKIA's first with SCT and which is scheduled to begin in early 2021, TEKIA will carry out Technical Assistance services for preventive and corrective maintenance work, as well as Quality Control at source to ensure that the replacement of the equipment, elements and systems comply with the requirements of the Service and Quality Control in the field to ensure that the work is being carried out with the necessary equipment, calibration and tests required by SCT. TEKIA will supervise the project documentation.
On the other hand, TEKIA will ensure strict compliance with the execution of the maintenance contracts that must be carried out according to the requirements of the tender, as well as that they comply with the regulations specified in the maintenance specifications and those that are not yet specified in the specifications. , is mandatory.

TEKIA has extensive experience in similar work within the framework of road traffic management, highlighting those carried out for the General Directorate of Traffic, Administration that executes the most extensive and complex deployment of ITS infrastructure in Spain and for which Works such as AT for the deployment of 800 radars on the Spanish road network, maintenance service and management reports for the Central, Southeast and North Management Centers, as well as quality control services for maintenance contracts for ITS facilities throughout the road network dependent on this administration.

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