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Biscay, november 2020. The Provincial Council of Biskay has signed with the Joint Venture TEKIA-Fulcrum the technical Assistance for the drafting of construction projects on its road network.

The Provincial Council of Vizcaya has hired the Joint Venture formed by TEKIA and Fulcrum for Technical Assistance for the drafting of construction projects to promote sustainable mobility and territorial balance, meshing and the reduction of congestion in the regional road network of Bizkaia as well as the elaboration of the specific studies that are required.

Under this contract, the UTE must carry out general coordination work on the projects that are put into operation, Implementation of a work supervision plan ensuring that the project documentation seeks verifiable and guaranteeable execution and feasibility, and the drafting of projects or new, updated or modified drafts. Within the joint venture, TEKIA will be in charge of designing the facilities for the construction projects and Fulcrum for the Civil Works project.

All the projects drawn up by the UTE will be carried out taking into account environmental criteria and ensuring the minimum environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the infrastructure. For the drafting of these projects, the BIM methodology will be applied, for which a BIM Execution Plan will also be drawn up indicating the degree of LOD definition based on the classification of the American BIM Forum.

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