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Madrid, january 2021. The Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (EMT) continues to replace its fleet with electric and gas vehicles to achieve a clean fleet. These buses are equipped with the  Efficient Driving Assistance System, EcodrivingBus.

The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid has launched the acquisition of another 520 gas buses and 50 electric vehicles that are added to those already in existence to meet the objective of achieving a clean or ZERO fleet. These buses will also be equipped with Efficient Driving Assistance Systems, the EcodrivingBus implemented in 1,000 buses by the consortium made up of ETRA and TEKIA itself.

In its commitment to sustainability and the improvement of air quality and continuing with its fleet renewal plan, the EMT has recently started the bidding process for the purchase of 520 natural gas buses, to which 100 electric vehicles will be added. , with the aim of having a clean or ZERO fleet in 2025 through the progressive replacement of diesel vehicles by electric or gas vehicles. Within this framework, the EMT plans to acquire 50 electric vehicles per year, always maintaining the 2,100 vehicles that make up its entire fleet.

All of them will have the latest technological equipment, including the EcodrivingBus. This system aims to improve the energy efficiency of the vehicle and its driving quality, resulting in the commitment of the EMT and the companies that form the consortium for sustainability and improvement of the environment.

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