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San Sebastián, february 2021. The Basque Gobernment has included this project into the Euskadi Next Program 21-26 to be financed by the European Recovery Fund.

In order to solve congestion problems in Donostia, the City Council's Mobility Department has been working for some time on the definition of an urban traffic control system that uses access control cameras in the city center that identify license plates and that they distinguish between authorized vehicles from those of visitors to be able to discriminate cars based on their origin, so that, while residents can access their area in the Center, the rest of the unauthorized drivers would be diverted to the car parks , whose real-time occupancy information will be provided through conveniently located variable message panels (PMV). The aim of this project is to monitor city traffic in order to be able to predict and plan specific or permanent actions to optimize the use of public roads in any circumstance.

This access control and traffic guidance system is one of the projects that the Basque Government has included in the Euskadi Next 21-26 investment program aimed at the recovery, transformation and resilience of the autonomous community, to be financed by the fund European Next Generation -Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (MRR), with which it is intended to contribute to the European reconstruction after the pandemic and which supports investment in the ecological and digital transitions.

TEKIA, through its experience in Smart Mobility, has contributed to this project with the functional and technological definition of the access restriction system, information on occupation and guidance to the city's car parks.

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