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Tekia´s office in Barcelona

Mexico, April 2020. TEKIA has finished the expert report on the Operation and Maintenance Long-Term Programme (LTP) for the concession period (2020-2051), OPEX.

For this contract, TEKIA has analyzed the long-term operation and maintenance program during the concession period (2020-2051) and has issued an independent judgment on operating costs (OPEX) and investments (CAPEX).

TEKIA has recently worked on this motorway in two other actions: 1) proposing and evaluating indicators such as Agent Administrator Supervisor (AAS) and/or External Operation Supervisor (SEO) with the aim of defining the tasks necessary to comply with a scheme functional payment according to performance standards, and 2) in the analysis and contrast using microsimulation techniques of the sizing and configuration of the 8 trunk toll plazas so that they can meet future demand without complications.

The Circuito Exterior Mexiquense (CONMEX) is an express toll road, serving the most densely populated area of ​​the country. With more than 110 km in operation, it connects the main interstate highways in the metropolitan area and improves local and long-distance traffic.

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