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Pamplona, March 2020. The technological renovation project is currently in its final certification stage, after a successful deployment in Pamplona's Regional Urban Transport fleet.

The project, promoted by the Transport Area of ​​the Commonwealth of the Pamplona Region (MCP), is being developed through a series of sequential stages designed to maximize the adaptation of the new systems to the needs of public transport in Pamplona and to minimize the impact of this technological renewal on the operation of the service and on information for travelers.

The new system, supplied by GMV, integrates the sales and validation (SVV) and operation assistance and information (SAEI) functions, which entails substantial improvements for the driver and passenger, in the management of ticket action lists travel, in sending transactions in real time, in fleet management, ecodriving and passenger counting, and in improved traveler information provided through standards such as SIRI and GTFS. In later phases, validation with an EMV Contactless bank card and with QR codes will be incorporated, already provided for in the new on-board equipment.

TEKIA has provided technical assistance to MCP's management at all stages of the project: supervising compliance with the requirements included in the scope of the contract, adapting requirements and change management, execution of technical and functional tests for the validation of successive ones. versions, taking control of the calendar and risk management of the project.

Currently, to adapt these systems to the health crisis situation, a series of configuration changes have been made to them aimed at mitigating the risks of contagion by COVID-19. See news.

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