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Barcelona, december 2019. With this contract, TEKIA will design a new multi-fleet AVLC System to be used by the intercity bus operators in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona.

Given its experience in public transport, TEKIA must, with the participation of the Barcelona ATM and SERMETRA, define the basic characteristics of the SAE, its functional requirements and its adaptation to current operation; establish the requirements for the supply of hardware and technological systems, and their integration with pre-existing systems, budget for it and propose the process of replacing the current multi-fleet SAE with the new one.

SERMETRA is the Partnership built between the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (ATM) and BUSMET Serveis, in charge of maintenance and operation management? of the tariff integration systems and of the support systems for the exploitation of this field, as well as the rental of the common infrastructures required, and the services provided to other companies.

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