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Barcelona (Spain) September 2019. Infraestructures Municipals, S.A. BIMSA, responsible for the construction and exploitation of the road tunnels Les Glòries, has commissioned TEKIA the Operating Manual during the operation phase of those tunnels. The opening to traffic is scheduled by first quarter of 2021.

Given that safety in tunnels is one of TEKIA's main activities, BIMSA has entrusted it with the Operation Manual, which will describe the necessary measures to promote user safety once the tunnels are put into service and for this it will develop the Safety Plans. Exploitation Operations, Self-protection including the Evacuation Plan, and Maintenance.

The Glòries tunnels are 958 meters long and are made up of two independent tubes, with three traffic lanes each, below the square and the existing railway tunnels, at an average depth of about 10 meters below ground level. of Gran Via.

TEKIA is currently also drafting the Exploitation Manual in the exploitation phase and adaptation of bidirectional tunnel facilities to unidirectional in the access to the Port of Algeciras in Cádiz.

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